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Safety First





Safety Excellence:


A Vision

To become the best we must demand more from ourselves and the entire Roebuck Team. Therefore, we’ve designed the following template for success.

1. All Superintendents will be CPR certified and First Aid certified.
2. All Field Personnel will be First Aid certified.
3. Both Superintendents and Field personnel will achieve “Competent Person Certification”.
4. All will seek full Roebuck Safety Certification.
5. All operators will attain Roebuck Equipment Safety Certification.
6. All superintendents will achieve “Confined Spaces Certification”.


Driver Certifications:

All drivers will keep up with DOT specified safety and training courses, as well as, complete a 4 Hour Roebuck Safe Driver Training to attain a Roebuck Safe Driver Certification.

Please see below for the steps to earn certifications:

1. CPR Certification: This will be offered yearly at our Roebuck Corporate Headquarters. We will pay for any employee who would like to become CPR certified.
2. First Aid: This will be offered yearly as well. Roebuck will pay for the training.
3. Competent Person Certification: One must be OSHA Certified as a competent person or have completed all of the following: Roebuck Safety Program, Trench Safety Program, Confined Spaces Training, Roebuck Equipment Certification Training.
4. Roebuck Safety Certification: One must complete the Roebuck Safety Certification course. Yearly 4 hour course. Roebuck will pay all cost.
5. Roebuck Equipment Certification: One must complete the Roebuck Equipment and Safety Training. Yearly 4 hour course. Roebuck will pay for this training.

6. Confined Spaces Designation: One must complete Confined Spaces Training Course. Roebuck will pay for this in its entirety.


Roebuck: Safe Driver Certification: One must complete the yearly 4 hour course. 

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to complete every certification. Just consider the benefits. 

1. A Safer Workplace: Everybody wins!
2. Safety Saves Lives!
3. We can become the BEST!
4. Earning certifications is an accomplishment that will enhance your career.
5. When you complete all certifications you will automatically receive a raise.


Becoming the safest excavation and grading contractor in the nation pays off for everyone involved!

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