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Laser Finish Grading & Excavation

Our Vision

As a company we have adopted a client focus rather than a project focus. We continuously strive to become our clients’ first choice in laser grading & excavation. At Roebuck we aim to provide exceptional service and expertise on every project in order to surpass our clients’ expectations. To do so we meticulously maintain our equipment, train our experts in the field and seek opportunities to provide better solutions to our clients. Most importantly, we understand that without our clients we wouldn’t be in business.

Our Solution

Safety First!


Our solution is to provide the safest atmoshpere for our employees to help provide an on time and under budget product to our clients.  The success of our company will always be driven by the success of our clients.

Our Services

Division I: Laser Finish Grading

  • Laser Finish Grading

  • Straight and Dual Slope Grading

  • Casting Slab Preparation

  • Total Robotic Station Machine Control System 


Division II: Time & Materials

  • Heavy Excavation

  • Shoring and Compaction

  • Footings and Column Pad Excavation

  • Backfill and Compaction

  • Minor Demolition

  • Land Clearing

  • Drainage

  • Hauling

  • Bob Cat Service

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